Playing The Backgammon Game


To start, each player gets to throw a die, with the maximum throw going first. If both the players get the same number, they should throw again. The goal is basically to get all of your checkers to your board’s side and take them out. The champ of the game is the first one who removes all their checkers.

The players move in opposite direction on the board in ‘U’ fashion, from one side to another. The distance you move is controlled by the number you get on the dice. Each of the dice controls the move of one player’s pieces or both the dice controls the move of one. For instance, the throw of a three and four allows the player to shift two different checkers — one checker at three and another at four. Or one checker can be moved for the total of seven spaces. The Checkers can be moved only to an empty space. An empty space is one that is open, and has your checkers on it or no more than one of the other player’s.

Throwing doubles implies that the player gets many choices and is also allowed to throw twice. The player can decide on which one to move and the number of places to move. For instance, a player throwing a double three can shift two checkers six spaces each, one checker twelve spaces and so forth. Usually, the player that rolls the most doubles will triumph in the game as it opens up more alternatives.

Backgammon Tips

• The web has offered an amazing setting for gamers to transfer their attraction for Backgammon into real jackpots. The following is some effective tips to help improve your Backgammon winning chances.
• Always play at reputed casino sites. Check whether the gambling site has the Online Players Association’s seal. The Online Players Association examines all its member sites in aspects such as speed of payout, customer support, and speed of settling disputes. So, it is advisable to check with the OPA prior to playing in a Backgammon site for real cash.
• Always maintain your checker pieces in twosomes – this is how you defend the checker pieces from getting hit by your rival.

• Shun hitting your rival if there are 2 or more blots in your board. On the web version, the checker of your opponent is placed on the bar, when you land on blot. The checker piece stays there till your rival can take it out from there by throwing a dice value that corresponds to an open point on your opponent’s home board.

• Use the double approach only when you are confident about winning.

Whether you win or not, these tips will surely help in avoiding certain blunders that may cost you twofold the game’s stakes.